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Jipsiglenn Bohemian Rhapsody - Seal point boy

Jipsiglenn Miuccia Prada - Seal point girl



There will be other retirees in the coming months such as

Jipsiglenn Cassieopea - Blue bicolour female

Jipsiglenn Roberta Mahli - Seal mitted girl

Jipsiglenn Soulful Tribute - Seal mitted girl

Jinsing Kiarah - Blue mitted girl

Jipsiglenn Evelizabeth - Seal bicolour girl


The girls below have new homes to go to or have already left

Jipsiglenn Secret Whysper - Seal bicolour girl N/a

Amjance Hunys Reflection (spoken for)

Jipsiglenn Lucy Heartfilia - Lilac tabby bicolour girl (Spoken for)

Jipsiglenn Missing in Action (spoken for)

Guysndolls Ima Jazz Baby - Seal point girl N/a

Some of these girls will be having a final litter with me and will be hopefully finding a home with one of their kittens within the next six months.

                              ready now









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