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 I live on a small two acre property in Queensland where I have been breeding Ragdolls for over 13 years now with much love and affection.  So much so that I have all the boys and girls that I bred with initially, still with me as my de-sexed companions.

It's actually a bit of a menagerie here, with dogs, sheep and my other moggies as part of the mix also.  I love them all but my ragdolls are my passion and my pride and joy.


I believe strongly that cats should be indoor only pets, however, this especially applies to ragdolls with their natural friendliness, laid back nature and doglike behaviour. My raggies are part of my family and are all special to me.  My kittens receive all the love, attention and socialization that I can give them to ensure that they are well adjusted, outgoing and healthy babies when they leave me.


It is very important to me to find the right loving homes for all my kittens and I take particular care with matching prospective parents with their new family members.


As a registered breeder, I am very aware of my responsibilities to my babies and I will always support my families well beyond the initial introduction into a new home... in fact, you've got me for life if you adopt a baby from me lol.


This website is just the beginning of your journey into my raggie world, so I hope you enjoy your stay and remember to contact me if you have questions or wish to make your first step towards adopting a Jipsiglenn baby.



© 2015 by Jipsiglenn Ragdolls.

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