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Adopting a Jipsiglenn Ragdoll

So you think you'd like to adopt one of my kittens?

Then please read below to find out more


Committing to buy a Jipsiglenn Ragdoll baby is not a decision to be taken lightly, so here’s a few things you might like to consider first.

  • Ragdolls are STRICTLY INDOOR cats, so you will need a litter tray, scratching post etc. inside for them.. Does the idea of having to scoop poop revolt you even just a little?

  • Cats can live a long life, so it’s likely you’ll have your new baby for about 15 years (failing unforeseen circumstances). Are you prepared to make such a long term commitment to them?

  • Like humans, cats need to visit their doctor at least once a year for their ongoing vaccinations, and more frequently if they are sick.  They need ongoing treatment for worms and fleas. Are you prepared for these costs?

  • Unlike some cats, Ragdolls in particular are very social and just love the company of their human family.  Do you have the time to devote to their needs, to play with them and give them the love and attention they deserve?


If any of the above makes you at all hesitant then please think very carefully before placing a deposit on one of my kittens.  I strictly vet all of my potential owners (well wouldn’t you?) to ensure that my kittens go to loving homes where they will be treated as precious members of the family.


I reserve the right to refuse to sell any of my cats or kittens to anyone whom I consider unsuitable. Ultimately my babies belong to me until they go to their new home and I always have their best interest at heart.


All new kitten/cat adoptors are now required to sign my pet adoption contract (no exceptions). This is to protect both parties but mainly the kitten.  A copy of the contract can be downloaded here: kitten/cat adoption contract.  This contract will need to be signed prior to final payment for your kitten.

Final payment for your kitten is due 5 days prior to desexing


Pricing and Inclusions

A nonrefundable booking fee of $500 for pet kittens is required to secure one of my gorgeous kittens.  It can be placed on a specific kitten or on a specific colour or pattern from an upcoming litter, but there may be a wait for that specific kitten.

For breeding kittens, the deposit is $1000.

Please contact me for accurate pricing and remember to  ask me about my second kitten discount!


So what do I get for my money?

Like you, I make a huge commitment to my kittens and this is what I  can promise you when you purchase a Jipsiglenn kitten.

  • A happy healthy kitten that is well socialised, litter trained and of good pedigree and temperament.

  • Kittens will leave me at 14 weeks of age after being desexed (no exceptions).

  • They will have been wormed and flea treated twice a month from 6 weeks.

  • They will have received two F3 vaccinations and been vet checked.

  • A microchip will have been inserted at the time of their desexing.

  • All my kittens come with their health card and a “kitten book” showing their progress since birth. This includes a copy of their pedigree.

  • Owners will also receive a goodie bag which includes toys, blanket, sample of the dry food they’re been eating and a sample of the litter I use as well as feeding instructions.

  • Six weeks free pet insurance to cover the transition from my place to yours.

  • You will also receive my ongoing support and commitment for the life of your new Jipsiglenn baby.

I am here to help you, so if at any time you find yourself unable to care for or keep  your baby for any reason, please call me before you rehome your cat and I will attempt to find another home for them.


Interstate and International enquiries are welcome, and I am very happy to arrange the transportation of kittens to their new owners at new owner’s cost.

Registered breeder enquiries are welcome .  A deposit of $1000 is required to secure a breed quality kitten and these kittens may leave my home at 12 weeks rather than the usual 14. I am always happy to DNA test a kitten for a breeder if required.

You will need to bring an approved cat carry cage to transport your baby home when you pick them up. No exceptions!


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