Our Current Litters

Cassie and Matche's had 4 babies,
3 surviving 11/9/2021
3 blue points
100% traditional

  None available at this time

Sally and Mac had 5 babies
blue and seal
100% traditional
none available at this time


One confirmed pregnancy due at Jipsiglenn Ragdolls at this point in time.

Planned matings
Bobbi to Jazz (Mated)
blue and seal in mitted and bicolours possible
100% TR

Ever to Matche (Matty)
all colours in bicolours and point possible
100% TR

Sally to Mac (Pregnant)
seal and blue colours in mitted and bicolours
100% TR

Cassie to Matche (Pregnant)
Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac
100% TR

Kiarah to Obi (Mated)
blue and lilac
mitted and bicolours
100% TR

Huny to Matche (Pregnant)
Seal, blue, chocolate and lilac and red and cream boys, tortie girls