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Our Current Litters

Ketakee and Matche have 6 babies born 12/05/2024
3 boys and 3 girls   None available

Sugar and Jaspa had three babies
TR Litter
DoB 17/12/23
Traditional litter
None available

Secret and Matche had six babies
DoB 20/12/23
None available

Bobbi and Jaspa had four babies
TR Litter 
Dob 01/01/2024
None  Available
Coco and Matche have 4 babies Dob 25/01/24
None available

Future planned matings

Huny and Matche 
Seija and Ducati 
Aida and Ducati
Cassie and Matche
Coco and Matche
Sugar and Jaspa
Secret and Hans
Bibi and Mac


 Planned matings at Jipsiglenn at this stage

Sparrow to Ducati
Secret to Matche

Sugar to Ducati


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