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Jipsiglenn Hugos Son Obi

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Obi 2.JPG
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Jipsiglenn Hugos Son Obi (Obi)


Sire:  Gold DGC, QI DIA DGC Fairie Hugo Boss

Dam: Thiefohearts Ici Chiliana


Blue Bicolour from 100% traditional lines.


Our Obi is such a lovely gentle guy (although he's a bit of a Mummies boy).  He has a quiet nature but despite this is a bit of a chatterbox when he sees me coming. 


He is great with the ladies and gets on well with them.  A bit of a ladies man at heart this one!.

MY beautiful boy Obi passed away at 13 years of age, miss this boy so muc.



Obi's pedigree







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