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Welcome to Jipsiglenn Ragdolls!

I am a FCCQ Registered Breeder situated in Queensland, Australia. with over 10 years of breeding experience.

Paw Acadamey Award

Ketakee and Matche have six babies born on 12/05/24

3 boys and 3 girls

Cream boy not available

2 boys and 3 girls available

Bobbi and Jaspa have four babies born 01/01/24

TR Litter

two girls and two boys

seal and blue in point, mitted and bicolour.

One seal mitted boy available.

Sugar and Jaspa had three girls 17/12/23

TR Litter

Two blue point girls and 1 seal mitted girl.

Seal mitted girl available

Secret and Matche had six babies on the 20/12/23

Three boys and three girls

seal and blue in points and mitted.

None available

Coco to Matche have 4 babies born 25/1/24

2 girls and 2 boys

None available



 Future matings planned at this stage

Seija and Ducati (Pregnant)

Huny and Matche (Pregnant)

Cassie and Matche

Coco and Matche

Bibi and Mac

Secret and Hans

Sugar and Jaspa

Aida and Ducati




Ragdolls- laid back, cuddly, intelligent and absolutely addictive!  I love them and so will you.


Here at Jipsiglenn Ragdolls, I breed traditional ragdoll bloodlines in seal, blue, choc and lilac in all patterns, with an emphasis on producing kittens with excellent type, amazing temperament and of course those gorgeous blue eyes.


All of my breeding cats are geneticly tested clear for HCM and PKD and the health and wellbeing of all of my cats and their progeny is of paramount importance to me.

I deliver free from the Gold Coast and Brisbane to Rockhampton.


Please feel free to visit this site often as it will be updated on a regular basis with news about upcoming litters, show results and plenty of pictures for those addicted to cuteness lol.

This website was last updated on  15/05/2024

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